What you need to know

  • One of the largest issues we face, and only getting worse
  • Teachers, emergency responders, many others currently on wait lists for affordable housing
  • Seniors, families, and young adults of all income levels are being impacted

If not the largest issue Rochester is currently facing, housing certainly makes the top three. Prices have been driven up by heavy demand, as well as the lack of home building in an affordable price range (oddly enough, due in part to the lack of housing available to trade workers). Meanwhile, other costs of living, such as childcare, have continued to increase causing further strain on monthly budgets.

This issue impacts everyone. Seniors are staying in their homes longer, in large part because of the high costs associated with moving. Not only can this lead to unsafe living conditions, this limits the amount of single-family homes available to families. Families are then forced to move out of the city or into multi-family units such as apartments. The increased demand on multi-family units has lead to higher rent levels, preventing many from saving for a down payment on a home or condo, among many other issues facing families and adults of all ages preparing for the next stage of their lives. Many have decided to move out of the city and commute, causing not only a sizable increase of their transportation costs, but increasing traffic, limiting parking, and requiring many other resources provided by the city of Rochester.

Leadership must begin sending a clear message of devotion to solving this issue. Every citizen in our region is impacted, and without a well designed plan in place to help guide city staff the situation will only continue to worsen. I am committed to developing this plan alongside experts in our community, combined with feedback from you and all other citizens of Rochester, to begin moving toward a housing market that reduces the current burdens on our citizens, encourages development and growth to meet demand, and is sustainable long term.