What you need to know

  • Population can jump by as much as 50,000 people on weekdays
  • Many citizens choose to stay home rather than deal with traffic
  • Traffic congestion costs you money and time, and delays emergency response
  • Those perhaps most impacted by poor transportation planning have medical conditions or family responsibilities which require them to use alternate transportation over a personal vehicle

Along with housing and childcare, transportation is one of the biggest issues facing our city, and ties in directly with the others mentioned. Not just an issue for downtown anymore, high traffic counts are a problem throughout Rochester, as many are left with no other option but to drive. Add in visitors and commuters from other cities, and it's easy to see that the problem will only continue to become worse. 

To create a successful city, one can not simply rely on one or two methods of transportation. By continuing to invest in public transportation, trails, and other areas that provide acceptable options we are able to free up roads for emergency responders and citizens alike, while allowing our neighborhoods to remain walkable, useable, and with the same charm many in our community are used to. As many of those wishing for alternative transportation options are also severely impacted by our current housing situation, I believe it is time for us to consider programs that better serve students currently enrolled in college, those with medical conditions, and other members of the community often neglected when transportation is discussed.