Our Neighborhoods


If you've had a chance to visit the "About" page, you may have read a bit about the dinners my family had each Sunday as I was growing up. One of the main lessons of the stories told there was our leadership's long history of encouraging our neighborhoods or growing downtown, but rarely focusing on both at the same time. I think it's time we do just that. Many leaders of local governments across the nation feel that focusing on big projects is the key to success, but I propose a different approach.

DMC is the big project, and while that work has only begun, we need to make sure our neighborhoods are not neglected in the process. To build a strong city you need strong neighborhoods, and fortunately we can begin to make a big impact on the wellbeing of everyone who already lives here by simply repurposing some existing funding. The more we do to help our neighborhoods thrive, the higher quality of life all citizens will experience. To put it differently, the more we invest in our citizens, the more successful our community will be.