What you need to know

  • Some Rochester families are paying as much as $600/week per child for childcare, or $30,000/year per child
  • Combining conservative housing and part-time childcare costs, a family could easily be looking at $40,000 - $50,000 annually, not including any other living expenses
  • Many begin choosing a childcare facility even before a pregnancy because of our shortage

Situated along with housing and transportation for top issues in our community is childcare. Demand is strong, forcing some to have to use multiple facilities if they have several children in need of care. Many find that moving out of the city is the only option they can afford, particularly when adding in housing and living expenses. Others are choosing to give up careers, in some cases with close to six-figure salaries, because it is simply more beneficial to save on childcare costs than have the additional income.

Many in the community are already facing the results of a major childcare shortage, and the situation will only become worse as growth attracts new families to the area. To begin tackling this issue, I will make sure quality training is more accessible to those who wish to have a career in childcare, and though we can't rely on just the growth of available centers to fix this problem, we must frequently evaluate the high licensing costs associated with care centers. Ultimately, we need to ensure childcare providers are involved in the highest levels of discussion regarding our policies.